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Traditional Screen Printing

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Focus Ink can print your t-shirts through both traditional and digital processes.

Traditional screen printing allows us to print on a large variety of media. As well as textiles such as t-shirts we can print on yard signs, acryllic plaques, circuit boards, and more. Unless you tell us you will be reprinting shortly, we do not keep screens, as they deteriorate and would require exorbitant storage space. Printing costs include the following:

  • Design($75.00/hr)
  • Screen and set-up charges
    • Screns for spot colors are $30.00
    • Half-tone screens are charged at $40.00
  • Swipe charges based on the number of colors.
  • Flash charges (extra heat-setting required for overlapping colors or double printing such as when printing white on black)($.25 each)
  • Cost of the t-shirt (or other item). Examples follow (We will allow you to provide your own garments if desired.)
    • Union made white tees sizes S - XL $6.00 each.
    • American made white tees sizes S - XL $5.00 each.
    • Imported white tees sizes S - XL $3.50 each.
    • Add $1.50 for pockets, each size larger than XL, and for colored shirts.
    • Corogated plastic for yard signs (Coroplast) 24 x 18 $3.00.

If you would like to browse for garments we offer the following links. Please contact us for pricing on the garments you are interested in.

Pricelist for Traditional Screen Printing