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Full Color Printing

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Full color printing captures attention more than black and white or spot color. Newer technologies make it very affordable. We feature eco-friendly printing on a press that offers the highest quality printing available on this state of the art equipment. It is also the cleanest technology.

For small jobs we offer eco-friendly digital printing.



*You MUST provide your files in CMYK format for accurate reproduction.*

Are we the cheapest printer you can find?
Maybe not. But remember to compare apples to apples when you shop. And we
are very competitive.
• Your job will be printed on the most eco-friendly press made in the world.
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• Your job is printed with waterless soy based inks, resulting in richer
color than other presses
• Our plates are laser etched at 300 lines per inch (compared to 175 lines
per inch on most presses). Your job will show noticeably greater detail.
• Our press uses a smaller sheet size, so we are not compelled to gang your
job with bunch of others. This means we can concentrate on getting your
colors right... rather than averaging them across jobs.
• If you need assistance, you will have a live person to talk to about how
you need to prepare your job.
• If you need more help with job preparation, we have experienced graphic
designers on staff. You have a staff committed to making you look good.
• If you have multiple jobs, expect a good customer discount.
• Your job will be printed at a union shop.

Printing costs include these variable costs:

  • Design Cost

  • If you provide properly prepared camera-ready art (electronic preferred), there will be no design charges. You may upload at:
    Username: focus1
    Password: walnuts
    Please notify us if you have uploaded art.

  • Printing Cost (See specific Tables. Includes number of colors, quantity, size of paper and bindery.)

  • Paper Cost (Varies by paper type).