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Offset & Digital Design

With our extensive experience and creatvity, customers are usually surprised by the reasonableness of our design fees. We are efficient and effective. Below are items that can increase or reduce printing set-up / design fees.

Design/Consultation Fees ($75.00/hr)

We will accept your camera-ready art, however "camera-ready" is often ill- prepared, and requires manipulation. Prior to printing, we will contact you if charges apply to give you the opportunity to fix your files yourself.

The following will usually incur file manipulation fees:

  • Art set-up as CMYK or RGB when spot colors are needed for offset printing.
  • Poorly colorized photos requiring photo touching.
  • Files that are improperly prepared for printing, including wrong size or not providing bleeds if required.
  • Failure to embed fonts or convert them to outlines.
  • Building multi-page documents improperly.
  • Low resolution text or scans.
  • Work provided in Microsoft Word.
  • Necessity of rearranging your art to fit page size or improve readability.
  • Reformatting your text with proper tab and column use to reslut in desired output.
  • Setting up multiple copies on a page with improper spacing (let us do this at no cost!)
  • Supplying non-printable formats such as .gif files. Most jpegs do not have adequate resolution.
  • .eps files without proper trapping.
  • Neglecting to include all supporting art and font files for Quark and other page layout programs.

  • Embedding art in a Microsoft Word file rather than supplying it in its native format. (Renders art unusable.) 

To help reduce design cost:

  • Come prepared with accurate and final text to avoid repeated edits.
  • Supply both printed and electronic versions.
  • We are skilled at honing  your copy, but will save you the cost of our retyping everything. This  will also reduce errors.
  • Consider what you want to accomplish with your project. This can help determine form.
  • Think about what you want. Although we can provide a suite of concepts,  the more you have an idea of what you want, the less time we will  spend.
  • You can bring us samples of styles you like including photos or clip art.
  • If you can describe or sketch your idea, this will help us focus. Again, we will apply our skills to build upon your ideas and if we are inspired by a completely different concept, we will share it. We are partners in the design process.
  • Bring in a budget. This will allow us to not over or under-design for your purpose.
  • Be flexible. We can often save you money by using a different paper,  size or printing process than you intended.
  • Provide raw text and allow US to do the formatting.
  • If you are printing multiple copies of an item on a page, please  provide just one copy, and we will set up the additional copies on a page at no cost to you.
  • Supply high resolution .tif files, or original files created in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.
  • In Photoshop, supply flattened files to make sure your fonts are preserved, but include the layered copies in case we need to edit your art.
  • If you provide properly prepared camera-ready art (electronic preferred), there will be no design charges. You may email your art or upload at:
    Hostname: ftp.powweb.com
    Username: focus1
    Password: walnuts
    Please notify us if you have uploaded art.

We also request a faxed copy to ensure accuracy. 

* If we find that your artwork is NOT print-ready, we can notify you of how you need to fix it or we can prepare it at a rate of $75/hr.

** Please be aware that Microsoft Word and Publisher files as well as incorrectly processed PDF files tend to have variable output and may print differently than displayed on your computer. (This is very common and quite often not your fault. Microsoft products have a font sets that are unavailable to several high quality print applications that may be required to print the jobs as specified.)

*** Please be aware that designers often do not consider cost when they are creating, and non-standard sizes and techniques can drive up printing costs.

**** Incorrectly saved files such as files without embedded fonts, failure to include original graphics, failure to provide fonts, and files with insufficient resolution or not rendered as outlines may result in incorrect printing. Ask if you have any questions.

***** Failure to provide a faxed proof may result in incorrect ouput as well, particularly when the sender has installed fonts that we have not. (PDF files may look fine on the sender's computer but may not match ours.)