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T-Shirt Store

Choose from one our pre-designed T-shirts and select it, along with how many you want at the bottom of the page. You will be sent an invoice. We do accept paypal.

Shirts are printed on 6.1 oz 100% cotton Union Made tee shirts.
Size S-XL are $13.50 + tax, larger sizes are an additional $1.50 per size. Prices do not include shipping nor applicable taxes. With your order, we will send an invoice that you can pay online or with Paypal.

White tees are all Union made. Sizes S - XL are priced $13.50 + tax. This does not include shipping or tax.

We Can Print it.   A smart ass is better than a dumb elephant t-shirt.   Breed within your species t-shirt.   buy union made, buy american t-shirt.  
Rosie - We can Print it   Smartass   Date within your Species   Buy Union - Flag  
celebrate the date George leaves office.   I only sleep with elephants.   No more W.   I only sleep with Democrats. Patriotic.  
Celebrate!(Also available in Yellow, Pink, or Blue)   Sad Elephant   No W: Defend Democracy   Happy donkey  
The constitution has now been privatized.   Redifining Pro Life.   Proud to be a Bernalillo democrat.   Buy union, buy american.  
Privatized.   Pro-Life = Support life   Bernalillo Democrat   Buy Union - Eagle  


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